The Treatments We Offer & The Procedures Followed

We start with a free diagnosis and zero consultation fee to decide the treatment protocol. Our Treatments vary depending on the problem/ pain area. Our treatments are Precise, Specific & Measurable in the terms of results.

Our specialty is that we do the Root cause diagnosis without expensive tests/ No MRI, X-Rays etc. We are strictly against the Surgeries/ Operations etc. as the after effects and and problems of the surgeries can never be returned.

We affectively cure the Back Pain, Neck Pain, Cervical Pain Pain of the joints Like shoulder & Knees, Tennis Elbow, Paralysis and much more.

We focus & Aim at fixing the root cause and not just giving a temporary relief and rather have a positive Outcome. In the final step, we give Free Remedial classes and Posture correction as after treatment follow ups.